lunes, 8 de junio de 2009

During two weeks we have made presentations on various topics. I presented a topic that talked about decorating with vinyl, and a company called Flor4u specific.

But... What is the vinyl?

The vinyl material is a vinyl cutting, punching and self that is cut in the form of design selected vinyls are the ultimate in decorating because they give your home an unique and personal touch. The vinyl stickers are likely to have the shape and color you want, so they are perfect for any surface, whether it is color, whether it is material. In addition, having the shape of the drawing, leave no film around. That is, are perfect for walls, but also for furniture, doors and windows, and bearing the same design printed on both sides Before this material is only used for interior signage, promotions in shops, cars and external graphics for exhibitions.

I think that topic is very interesant.But I'm not sure if I do the presetation well...

Well, it is the all and the finish of my English's blog.

See you! Bye!


miércoles, 20 de mayo de 2009

Season 8

We have been correcting the practices, the prhasal of verbs and ... god, I had many failures, you will need to study more, especially now that the exams are approaching. At the same time we were editing, the teacher encourages us to continue with practice exercises to complete.

Then, our teacher was talking about the environment and its contamination with a year using the original method of brainstorming. Then we saw a video talking about how dangerous it is becoming contamination by excess gases that are pouring into the environment.

Season 7

Today we have studied the prashal verbs that are expressions made up of a verb and one or two particles. For me, this part is tricky because it is difficult because the meaning of a multiword verb is not easily deducted from the verb and the particle. But I was practicing with Internet links that are written in practice. And then, once I was familiar with, I started doing the exercises. In the second part of the class, as in the previous week, we saw another video talking about a car that the benefits of your company in order to keep it alive, even though it had some drawbacks

Season 6

In this class we divide the activities, or type, in two parts: the first hour, we are dedicated to practice a bit of grammar. In this case, we were studying, "linking Word." The teacher prepared some notes explaining a bit of theory but also had a series of exercises to do. The linking words are used to: expressing cause / effect, reason expressing contrast expressing addition Then, we learned how to use those words in compound sentences. In the second part of the class, we were watching a video in order to improve our ability to listen to the English. Mine is unfortunately bad. So bad that I did not understand most things. But no matter, I keep striving.

lunes, 30 de marzo de 2009

5º Session

In this new kind of practice doing English exercises on modals. We are studying the words that are used to indicate possibility, necessity, etc: may, should, can, have to ...

We also saw a video that showed us the different language used by phone using the English in comparison with the Spaniards.
With this video, the teacher teaches us that we can not literally translate sentences to our typical English because the English have their original sentences to communicate in everyday life

We consolidate this learning with some exercises that shesuggested in the practice of word. Well, that's all you have done this week. See you!

4º Session

Last week we were comparing a laptop with a desktop. We saw the differences and similarities, and we were doing exercises on computers. At the end of the class, the teacher asked us to create a new object. We had a clock can filled with sunlight, a disk storage and that could play movies with a projector. It was a crazy idea! But we liked it a lot.

Finally, at the end of the week, my colleague and I were looking for work exposure to the teacher has been asking since the beginning of the course. The issue that is going to be advertising. I hope you like it when you expose it!

miércoles, 4 de marzo de 2009

3º Session

I can`t go to the class this week (until wednesday) because I am sick or patient, I don`t know how it say in english... But I want tell that I'm fell bad.

So, I can not do the exercises but I ask to my partner and he tell me the things that I should do.

In the end of the week I will do the english homework because on the week I can not. I stay in class all the day and I'm very tired at the nigh for do homework.

Well, it is mi 3º session of my blog.