domingo, 22 de febrero de 2009

The First Session on Class

This week I had Practise English and Teoric English.

In Practise English, our teacher show us how to make a good presentation: must be clear, clean, simple and objetive. I learn it whith the notes that my teacher take me and whith listennings that to be in the computers. So, I'm not very good in English and it's dificult for me, I can not understand the person that talks and I don't know some words.

But, I don't discouragement and I'm working for to improve my English.

In Teoric English I learn new vocabulary about the materials of engineering.

Well, it is all that I learn and discover this week about the English.

Bye Bye!!!

lunes, 16 de febrero de 2009


Hello, my name is Monica, I'm 19 years and studied industrial design at Alcoy.

Industrial Design is an engineery that isn't well known to us but is very useful in the daily life of every person because these studies, we can produce, for example, that chair you are sitting in or designing your beautiful computer.

I love the design and i'm very feel well whith this studies because I think I am very good in this speciallity: I can paint and draw anythings, I have a lot of imagination and I'm very practise.
But, I need learn more every day because I should better. Also I think I'm very green in the house of the Design.

Finally, it is all for my little presentation how student.

See you, bye!