miércoles, 20 de mayo de 2009

Season 8

We have been correcting the practices, the prhasal of verbs and ... god, I had many failures, you will need to study more, especially now that the exams are approaching. At the same time we were editing, the teacher encourages us to continue with practice exercises to complete.

Then, our teacher was talking about the environment and its contamination with a year using the original method of brainstorming. Then we saw a video talking about how dangerous it is becoming contamination by excess gases that are pouring into the environment.

Season 7

Today we have studied the prashal verbs that are expressions made up of a verb and one or two particles. For me, this part is tricky because it is difficult because the meaning of a multiword verb is not easily deducted from the verb and the particle. But I was practicing with Internet links that are written in practice. And then, once I was familiar with, I started doing the exercises. In the second part of the class, as in the previous week, we saw another video talking about a car that the benefits of your company in order to keep it alive, even though it had some drawbacks

Season 6

In this class we divide the activities, or type, in two parts: the first hour, we are dedicated to practice a bit of grammar. In this case, we were studying, "linking Word." The teacher prepared some notes explaining a bit of theory but also had a series of exercises to do. The linking words are used to: expressing cause / effect, reason expressing contrast expressing addition Then, we learned how to use those words in compound sentences. In the second part of the class, we were watching a video in order to improve our ability to listen to the English. Mine is unfortunately bad. So bad that I did not understand most things. But no matter, I keep striving.