lunes, 8 de junio de 2009

During two weeks we have made presentations on various topics. I presented a topic that talked about decorating with vinyl, and a company called Flor4u specific.

But... What is the vinyl?

The vinyl material is a vinyl cutting, punching and self that is cut in the form of design selected vinyls are the ultimate in decorating because they give your home an unique and personal touch. The vinyl stickers are likely to have the shape and color you want, so they are perfect for any surface, whether it is color, whether it is material. In addition, having the shape of the drawing, leave no film around. That is, are perfect for walls, but also for furniture, doors and windows, and bearing the same design printed on both sides Before this material is only used for interior signage, promotions in shops, cars and external graphics for exhibitions.

I think that topic is very interesant.But I'm not sure if I do the presetation well...

Well, it is the all and the finish of my English's blog.

See you! Bye!


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